I will take door # 2

 CSX Train Fuel Efficiency

CSX Claims that their trains can move one ton of cargo 450 miles on one gallon of gas.

I have seen an ad on TV many times stating a CSX train can move one ton of cargo 450 miles on one gallon of fuel which I found astounding so finally looked into the creditability of the statement.


My question is; why can a train move one ton of cargo 450 miles on a gallon of fuel when a standard vehicle that weighs under 2 tons get at the most 20 miles per gallon?

I must be missing something. Does it have something to do with the rails the train rides on or what is the answer?  Is it that the fuel giants and the car manufacturers are in collusion with each-other and are gouging the driving public that bad? I will take door # 2.

I really believe that the car manufacturers can make a full sized luxury vehicles that can get over 100 miles per gallon. What would that do to the partners in crime that make the fuel?

The following is a memorandum directly from CSX’s

Moving freight by rail is 3 times more fuel efficient than moving freight on the highway. Trains can move a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on a single gallon of fuel. Efficient use of fuel means fewer greenhouse gas emissions for our planet.

Fuel efficiency for trains is measured in terms of ton-miles, because the length and weight of trains varies greatly. We are constantly working to improve our efficiency. In 2009, CSX trains averaged 468 miles per gallon per ton. (Learn more at the American Association of Railroads’ website, www.aar.org http://www.csx.com/share/wwwcsx_mura/assets/Image/icons/new_window_icon.png.)

Here is the formula for our 2009 fuel efficiency rating: (From the 2009 R-1 Report)

Schedule 750, Fuel consumed (freight + switching) = 446,999,921 gallons
Schedule 755, line 110, Revenue Ton-Miles = 209,248,946,000 RTM
RTM per gallon = (209,248,946,000 RTM / 446,999,921 gals) = 468 RTM/gal

CSX has invested $1.5 billion over the last decade to improve its locomotive fuel efficiency and reduce the corresponding emissions. We are focused on 4 key areas to drive continued improvement:

You make the call. 

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