The Pow Wow went sour

4 Dead in Shooting at Calif. Tribal Meeting:


A “Pow Wow” that was supposed to be disciplinary in nature with the Cedarville Rancheria Tribe ended up with a pistol packing Squaw who was on the “war path” when she opened fired and killed 4 of her paisanos’.

The shooter, Sherie Lash, 44 must be a good shot, she hit her targets 4 times.

It appears that Sherie Baby and her sons are troublemakers within their tribe and were supposed to be evicted from the tribe after the meeting.

Sherie the Squaw didn’t wait for the final straw to be drawn when she pulled out her Buffalo Bill pistol and blew away 4 of the tribes people.

Taking wild guess, I would say that the Hot Headed Sherie is in a lot more trouble now than before the Pow Wow got under way. If convicted and she most probably will be, she may end up in the “Big Teepee” in   the sky for her murderous ways.

I wonder how much those execution arrows hurt when they go in?



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