And the beat goes on at Sochi but very slowly

Things are looking worse and worse for Vladimir as the starting date for the Olympics closes in on him in three day.

Aside from all of his obvious faults there are a couple things that can be said for Putin. First he has an ego bigger than his Olympics, 2nd he really knows how to spend the country’s money and 3rd he really is a hell of a host.

If you don’t think that Vladimir is one hell of a guy, just ask him; 2nd he has spent in excess of 52 billion dollars of his governments money to showcase his pet project that is going to wind up a bust, especially if there are any terrorists attacks that are almost guarantee to happen; 3rd the hotels that are completed, the beds are small, the toilets don’t accept toilet paper (I am trying to figure out if they use corn cobs in Russia like the old farmers did; better bring your Preparation H guys, those cobs can be a little rough), the water is yellow and thousands of stray dogs are being killed on sight so they don’t harass the visitors. Watch what you order in the restaurants, if you feel like chasing a car after dinner, guess what you just ate??

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Three days before this Russian extravaganza is supposed to start the construction on some of the hotels is not complete. I think that may be the least of Putin’s worries. He probably won’t need as many rooms as he expected because of the no-shows due to the terrorists threats.

The last time I saw such cramped sleeping quarters was in some flop house in BC Cosa in Okinawa.


Knowing Putin as most of the public does by now, I wouldn’t put it past him to pay people to come to the games just to save face.

Only a chosen few are really going to benefit from the games; Putin and his cronies that did the construction. Only one example of his extravagance, he paid one of his comrades 9 billion dollars to build a road that normally would cost about 100th of the cost or less. Naturally, a good piece of those Rubles went directly into Putin’s account. It is speculated that the Judo Guy is worth about 75 billion dollars. Not bad for a politician.


I can guarantee one thing; anyone that makes Putin look bad over the flop of the Olympics (you don’t think he is going to take the rap for the bomb shell) better get some very warm clothing together because they are going to get a one way ticket to the frozen Siberian salt mines.


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