There is now way Vladimir will accept help

Europeans on alert after Olympic athletes in Sochi receive terror warnings:

There is some conversation on Pennsylvania Ave that Obama wants to send Putin some military assistance in case of a terrorists attack at the Olympics Games by sending security personal  to beef up the 40,000 forces Russia has assigned to the event.

To begin with we have two men with enormously big egos and  do not like one another to start with.

I can’t imagine that a guy like Vladimir would accept help from the USA or anyone one else because he is so narcissistic and secondly because he and Obama do not see eye to eye. Accepting help from the USA would indicate to the world that Putin cannot handle his own situations and it would be a sign of weakness. It is a macho thing.


A picture tells a thousand words

Is this what the world is going to have to succumb to in the future considering eliminating the Olympic Games from here on in and other venues like it because of the threat of terrorism; or continue to march forward and take the risk of a massive slaughter?

It is a very tough call to make and one that we would not like to see; capitulating to the terrorists.

It is certain that there is going to be terrorists attacks at Sochi but to what degree remains to be seen.  This may turn into an event that history will try hard to forget. There have been too many threats on both sides for either to back down.

Terrorism anywhere in the world affects everyone on the planet in one way or another.

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