Hopefully not another Munich

The Russian Olympics may be a trip to the “bone yard” for the athletes and some people that attend Putin’s pet project.

Putin is as obsesses with the 2014 Olympic Games as much as Obama is with Obama-Care. Both men want to go into the history books for accomplishing something during their short visit on Mother Earth.

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Putin has pissed off a lot of terrorists in that part of the world that claim they will exact their deadly revenge for all the world to see.

He is attempting to play down the seriousness of an attack/attacks at the Olympics after the Volgograd bombings but US officials believe the games are still vulnerable.

The day of the drones makes it an entirely different playing field.

The world certainly does not want to see a repeat of the Munich Olympics where 11 athletes and 2 security guards were killed.

Vladimir is staking his reputation and his credibility on providing safety for all that attend the Olympics. He is assigning 37,000 guards to the event with a combination of soldiers, police and security personal.

As the world has witnessed it is almost impossible to suppress terrorists, especially suicide bombers that believe that they are going to be rewarded in the here-after for the idiotic actions.

The terrorists group called the Caucasus recently has killed 34 people in the city of Volgograd alone.

I hope the Judo black belt knows what he is doing. Personally I would feel a bit uneasy while I was sipping some vodka in the Olympic village.

All of this unrest and terrorism  are sure to have an impact on the attendance.

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