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A new American intelligence assessment on the Afghan war predicts that the gains the United States and its allies have made during the past three years are likely to have been significantly eroded by 2017, even if Washington leaves behind a few thousand troops and continues bankrolling the impoverished nation, according to officials familiar with the report.

Do these “American Intelligence” groups really get paid for their opinions, conclusions  and what they do? I said exactly the same thing 50 years ago in 1962 about Viet Nam and all of the other “wars” the USA has gotten into since and didn’t get a dime.

Is it really remarkable or not that the “Most Powerful Country” in the world has been beaten in every major war it has been in Since WW 2 and they still have not learned their lesson to mind their own business? They like to call their defeats a “strategic withdrawals” trying to save face; I call it getting our ass kicked.

The vast majority of the countries we have been attempting to “bail-out” have been fighting wars and slaughtering each-other in the “name of god” for thousands of years and will continue to do so for the duration of time. I say let them have at it.

I am truly convinced that the wars the USA has gotten itself into in the last few decades were started deliberately so a very chosen few in this country could put more money in their coffers. Follow the money and people like Dick Cheney and the truth will come out. .

There has to be trillions of dollars spent on the wars in the last 50 years and all the USA has come away with is “air” and an embarrassment. It has been a story of David against Goliath and the kid with the rock and the sling shot has come away the victor each time.

We have the technology to see through walls, read a phone book from 300 miles up but can’t find Osama or Saddam; come on.

What was the eventual outcome from capturing these two guys and sending to meet the 4,999 virgins in Muslim heaven, a big NOTHING.  Those bragging rights have cost the USA trillions of dollars and a monumental loss of life.  The wars did not end or conditions get better, they got worse after their demise. Read the news and history will tell the tale that the USA invaded countries for no just cause.

The monetary losses are one thing but the human losses and injuries far surpass that. This is one issue that is really pathetic to see all of our men and women disfigure physically and mentally for the rest of their lives all because a few ego maniacs wanted to go play war for their own personal gains and gratifications.

I don’t know if there is an answer on how to changing our system where a select few have so much power making decisions that jeopardizes and destroys our country the way they have.

These are the same people that suggest and do cut social programs that the citizens have contributed to for their entire lives, so they can cover the cost of their war games.

The real corker is, these bums (I would like to really call them what I think) would never consider cutting their benefits, perks or salaries to help with the cause. As a matter of fact, they made sure to CTA/covered their ass when the government shuts down to make sure their pay didn’t stop.


The proof is always in the pudding. The pools show that congress and the president with all of his hence-men have the lowest rating of all times but there are still people out there that want to buy into the political swamp land so the can stay on welfare the rest of their life.

For these “Albert Einsteins’” to come up with the conclusion “that the gains the United States and its allies have made during the past three years are likely to have been significantly eroded by 2017” is an absolute joke.

The leaders of this country are dictators like Julius Cesar, the only difference is they wear 1,000.00 suits instead of armor plates vests.


The only thing that the majority of them are on the political merry go round for is their own personal gains. If they say any different they are “stone liars”; just look at the facts. All of the politicians are living in the lap of luxury while many of their “subjects” are starving.

The following locations are where the USA has military troops stationed around the world. Essentially the USA can be called “The policeman for mankind”.


Combat zone Country Total


Africa and the Middle East

Kuwait   13,766
Bahrain   2,820
Qatar   611
Saudi Arabia   308
United Arab Emirates   287
Egypt   248

South Africa


Japan   49,998
South Korea   28,500
Kyrgyzstan   3,409

British Indian Ocean Territory

Thailand   239

Australia   176

Singapore   171


Germany   42,618
Italy   10,866
United Kingdom   9,479
Spain   1,484
Turkey   1,482
Belgium   1,187
Portugal   722
Greece   363
Netherlands   341

Western Hemisphere

Cuba – Guantanamo Bay   869
Honduras   395

Greenland   146

Canada   137

There are 1,208,083 personnel on active duty in the United States and its territories including the five personnel on Wake Island and the one personnel on the Virgin Islands:
United States

1,131,920  Continental USA

Hawaii   49,467

Alaska   21,202

Guam   5,333

Puerto Rico  155

It may be impossible to attach a number as to how much it costs the United States to have all of these servicemen deployed around the world and to maintain all of the facilities but it is up in the trillions. One thing for sure, the money it does cost can be put to a lot better use right here in our country taking care of the citizens of it’s and decaying infrastructures.

Will the day ever come when the “powers to be” ever learn to mind their own business, don’t go where they don’t belong, don’t get involved in wars they can’t win and that charity begins at home; I doubt it.

There is an old say that “prostitution is the oldest occupation”; my take on it is “a politician was her pimp” so who really came first?  Along with politics comes corruption.

There has to be a way to control the power and decision making the people at the top have that has such a devastating effect of the rest of the country but not them.

Even if a very few of the people that become involved in politics have good intentions in the beginning it soon deminishes; “if  you live with a cripple, you will learn to limp.”


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