Who are they trying to kid??

White House explains why Obama didn’t say “under God” in Gettysburg Address:

All of these antics coming out of the White Hose these days are almost laughable.

There isn’t anything that they feel they respect or should be accountable for.

Now we have Obama reciting the Gettysburg Address which he read aloud as part of a project celebrating the 150th anniversary of famous Lincoln speech but left out the words “Under God”.

These press secretaries of his should hang their heads in shame when they get in front of a camera and microphone stumbling around trying to make excuses for the boss and cover up his blunders. It is getting to be one big circus under that big top.

The explanation that was given to the public was that the president was given the “Nicolay copy” of the address which was the first of five drafts of the address when it was written instead of the final draft.  It may be just me or should the president of the USA know the difference between the two different versions? If someone is going to  tell a lie they should at least make it believable.

It appears that Mr. Obama has a propensity of using or trying to use incomplete material.

Now I really don’t care if this man believes in god or not but he is totally at fault for not reading the formal/final version of the address.

His press secretaries remind me a lady I know. If her kid was standing in front of a teller in a bank with a machine gun, she would say “Isn’t junior playing nice”.

The arrogance in that big house on Pennsylvania Ave. is getting absolutely out of control. It is ludicrous.

Before it is all over  they are going to change Uncle Sam’s name to Uncle Ralph  and make the American Eagle into a Turkey.


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