Obama’s hit parade

The Obama Hit Parade:

Featured on the Obama hit parade today we have another heart wrenching song.

Yesterday it was “Searching for love in all the wrong places” and today it is “I’m sorry, so sorry, please except my apology”.

In my opinion the only reason Obama is making the half-bake apology that didn’t sound very convincing at all is because he is forced to make one. He is like that guy that that had his hand in the cookie jar stealing from his boss and the only reason he is sorry is because he got caught.

Saying I am sorry does not make up for all of the losses people will encounter because of the inept undertakings of the government .

I think the government should be compelled to cover all of the losses the people will the incurred with “un-affordable health care plan”. How else can anyone perceive  the creditability of any government official except by the commitments they make. So far they all are batting about 99.

Sorry is not good enough. The next song on the Obama Hit Parade will be “Until the 12th of never” is when you can believe anything a politician says.

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