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The Devil reincarnated

Young man linked to 79 killings in Mexico: They call this guy a young man, I call this guy a “young devil”. (CNN) — The most shocking thing about the arrest of a man linked to 79 killings may be … Continue reading

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Leave the Corps alone Obama

Marines Scoff at Obama’s Proposed ‘Girly’ Hats: This ridiculous move on Obama’s part really takes the cake. It is enough to piss of a pirate. With all of the pressing issues in this country and the world, is it even conceivable … Continue reading

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A thief in Bishops clothing

Vatican suspends German bishop amid spending investigation: Now that is a “mortal sin” on the “bishop of bling”. (CNN) — The Vatican said Wednesday it has suspended a German bishop who has come under fire for his extravagant lifestyle. Let’s … Continue reading

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Late on your rent?

Landlord accused in fatal shooting of tenant behind on rent: They grow them rough in Naples, Florida. It’s a good thing that 78-year-old Javier Ortoll doesn’t own too much property, he would need to employ a fulltime undertaker to deal … Continue reading

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They can’t hear you fellas; they’re deaf

Feds try to eliminate housing for the deaf — at complex built for hearing-impaired: Arizona is defying a federal order to eliminate apartments for deaf seniors at a housing complex built specifically — for the deaf. “I think it’s about … Continue reading

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And the Moron award goes to……………

Fox News GROWING THE DEBT: US resumes $1.6 billion in Pakistan aid after hiatus: If there ever was ever a poster child for stupidity, the leaders in the USA have to take first place. As the national debt tops $17 … Continue reading

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Go Daddy is a lot cheaper

Go Daddy has some very good rates, if the government who has “their back against the wall” is interested in getting something done the right way and at a reasonable price; not to mention the ladies that work for Daddy are a lot better to look … Continue reading

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Unleaded gas anyone??

CNN Smog shuts down Chinese city: If the Chinese want to be considered a “Super Power” they are going to have to step up to the plate and start acting like a super power by helping the rest of the world preserve … Continue reading

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He gave the “Anchors away”

Senior US Navy officer, NCIS agent arrested in bribery scheme The US Navy has to start paying their “brass” a little more than they do to keep them from straying into the den of thieves. Two high-ranking U.S. Navy officials … Continue reading

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The laughing stock of the world

Huffington Post DEFER OR DEFAULT? FLASH: HOUSE’S ‘PLAN’ FALLS APART… REPORT: Lacked The Votes!… WHITE HOUSE: It’s ‘Ransom’… ‘Partisan Attempt To Appease Tea Party’… GOP Rep: Boehner Will Be Lucky To Find 20 Republicans To Support Senate Plan… House Conservatives … Continue reading

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