Price of cancer is going up

NEW YORK October 31, 2013

The price of cancer is going up to $10.50 a pack in NYC and the legal age to by the cancer sticks is being boosted from 18 to 21 years of age.

I think it is great that the powers to be in the Big Apple are so concerned about the health of its citizens but there are certain things that will never change no matter what they do. Spend the some tax money on educating the kids.

Anyone for a 36 ounce soda and a bag of Twinkies??

If someone wants to smoke cigarettes it doesn’t matter what it cost or how young they are, they are going to smoke. Has anyone stopped smoking dope with all of the laws against it?

I can bet that New Jersey is happy about the new laws.

Watch out – smoking may stunt your growth.

12                    UKRAINE CHILDREN SMOKERS 16                                   17

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