Just call him an American

Bryon Thomas seems a stand-up person that is tired of being “labeled”.


For many generations the black community has struggled with what to call themselves. I don’t want to go over the variations of name, some are not very complimentary.

Bryan Thomas thinks he has the solution. I doubt if many people are really listening to him but it is says a lot for the young man to voice his opinion.

Maybe someday the rest of the black community that were born in this country will just call themselves  “Americans”.

Here is Bryon quote:


This goes out to professors across this country. My name is Byron Thomas and I attend the University of South Carolina. It really frustrates me when y’all use the words African American, to describe blacks in America. The word African American makes me feel like I’m not 100% American. It makes me feel like I was born somewhere in Africa and came over here and got my citizenship. But I was born an American and I will die an American because that’s what I am. Why can’t I be like whites in America and just be an American? I see myself just like them because they’re an American citizen and I’m an American citizen. The world views us all as Americans. That 17 trillion in counting debt is an American debt. We are One Nation Under God! So please professors, can y’all stop using the words African American to describe blacks in America. Overwhelm People with Love and May God Bless the United States of America.

Good for you Bryon.

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