The perfect solution to Obama-care

The perfect democratic solution to Obama-Care:

After some of the smoke has cleared and a lot of the pit falls to Obama-Care have now surfaced, I think the only logical and  democratic way to solve this dilemma that has divided USA is to put it to a vote.

After all we are supposed to be a democratic society. Let the citizens speak instead of a bunch of incompetent people in DC that by their own hands have a 19% approval or 81% disapproval rating.  They are not qualified to make good sound decisions.

To begin with, I don’t think any man or party should have the power or authority to enact anything as complicated and important of an issue as this that it will either make or break the American people. If in fact that any bill is pass through deception and it can be proven, it should be thrown out.

Naturally, depending on who you talk to, Obama-Care has more down sides than upsides. I think that quite a few people that voted for Obama and backed this health care plan have reservations about their decision.

It has been made very clear that Obama sold train loads of “snake oil” to the American public and because he is very convincing when he is reading from a teleprompter, he bamboozled this healthcare plan through with loads of deception.
Whenever any plan has to steal from Peter to pay Paul to make it work, the plan has not been thoroughly scrutinized. Obama and his crew found it necessary to take money from social security and Medicare and other sources in order to fund his “pet project”.

I still believe that this healthcare plan of Obama’s was his primary mission long before he was elected. He wanted to be the first president that put together a national healthcare plan for the country.

If in fact is was executed the correct way and benefited the citizens of this country instead of penalizing them it would have been a good idea.

Ask all of the people what their opinion of Obama-care is since the facts have surfaced. Ask the ones that have had their working hours cut to below 30 hours a week so their employer could afford to keep his doors open. Not only did they lose money from their payroll but they do not have health insurance and are forced to buy it or be penalized.

Ask the 3000 people that were laid off from the Cleveland Clinic so this “non-profit” hospital was not taken to the cleaners insuring their help. The list goes on.

At this point, Obama is too egotistical and bull-headed to admit he made a huge mistake that has cost the government billions of dollars so far and the register continues to run.

What would it cost to hold a special election; 5 billion dollars??? I have no idea but I think it would be worth it to hold one to see if Obama-care would get the final check mark from the people,  now that they know most of the truth on just how detrimental this healthcare plan is. The way the USA pisses away money and foreign aid, what is 5 billion or so?

If my understanding is correct, there are provisions in the plan that gives the administrators the power not to administer treatment to people up in the years if they feel it is not economically justified. How do you like those apples??


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