Watch out Ben

Benjamin Franklin gets a face-lift; redesigned high-tech $100 bill to circulate tomorrow:


Guaranteed that by the time the new Ben Franklin 100.00 bill hits the streets tomorrow, the counterfeiters will already be hot on their printing presses.

In 2012 the counterfeiters got so sophisticated that the government had to grind up more than 30 million of the bogus bills they took out of circulation.  That was probably the tip of the iceberg.

It used to be that a clerk in a store would scrutinize a 20.00 bill when it was handed to them but that time has long passed

If the crooks were smart they should be printing 20.00 bills instead of the 110.00 bill that is always checked out with the green/black pen. For all I know the pens are counterfeit as well.

By 2015, ICC expects the value of counterfeit goods globally to exceed $1.7 trillion. That’s over 2% of the world’s total current economic output.

TOP 10 counterfeited products in the world:

All in dollars

1. Electronics 39 mill
2. Shoes 25.3 mill
3. Drugs 16.9 mill
4. DVD’s 16.5 mill
5. Clothing 15.8 mill
6. Perfume 9.6 mill
7. Watches 8.4 mill
8. Cigarettes 6.4 mill
9. Computer hardware 7.8 mill
10. Toys and games 7.6 mill

These numbers account for between 4 – 10% of goods seized by authorities.

I don’t really have a problem with most of those counterfeit items because they are not harmful to anyone’s health and there is a sucker born every minute that will buy this junk .

What is really disturbing are the bogus drugs. When a person knowingly manufacturers,  sells or distribute anything that is going to be harmful to another human’s being  health that is where I draw the line.

The majority of the phony drugs come from foreign countries where the USA has limited authority.

Most of the people involved in these counterfeiting operations are very intelligent. If they would put their efforts into something constructive they would be a success regardless. It’s in their blood.

95  Watch out Benjamin they are coming after you.


A guy from the mountains called one of his friends and told him that he had counterfeited some 12.00 bills and he was eager to pas them.

Friend – Where the hell are we gonna get rid of 12.00 bills.

Counterfeiter – We’ll go to Kentucky; those people over there aren’t too bright down there

The two would be  sharpies took a ride and stopped at a convenient store when they got to Kentucky to try out their new scheme before they bought any big items

They casually walked in the store not wanting to look suspicious and bought 2 packs of cigarettes that cost 3.00 a pack – the clerk eagerly accepted the money and put it in the cash register – not wanting to draw any attention, one of the mountain-men took the change from the clerk stuffed the money in his pocket without look at it.

They two bozzos’ jump in their car and headed down the highway to make their next score laugh their asses off “we pulled it off, we pulled it off”.

When they got to the first stop sign they pulled off the road and went behind a building like they had just robbed a Brink’s truck;  the one guy pulled out his change the clerk had given him and he had 2 – 3.00 bills.




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