One hell of a inter-national hero

Frail Muhammad Ali appears at event to honor humanitarian work:

96                             images
It breaks my heart to see Ali, the man that was the heavy weight champion of the world in this condition.  He took too many shots to the head and too many “rope a dopes”.

He was an icon in his time and according to him and many other people  “I am/he was the greatest the greatest of all time”. He was close.

There was always some speculation as to who would have won a fight between “The Brockton Blockbuster” Rocky Marciano who record when he retired was 49 – 0 or Ali.

Rocky Marciano rock 3
To settle the dispute a few guys with some big bucks put on a computerized fight in 1970 between the two men and the Rock came out on top. The computers determination was that The Rock would have beaten Ali in the 13th round and the film was cut that way..

On January 20, 1970, the fight was shown only once in 1500 theaters over closed-circuit television in the United States, Canada, and throughout Europe. It grossed $5 million, not bad at that time.

Being that there was such an age difference between the two gladiators and the fact they fought at different times in history, I will give it to Ali that he was the greatest of his time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The thing that always impressed me about Ali beside his ring prowess was that he was colored blind especially when it came to kid. This man has a heart of gold and should be admired as a role model for the way he has conducted his life.

And yes; although Ali dodged the draft because of his religious beliefs he and a lot of other people in this country were right, the USA never should have gone to Viet Nam. It was sometime that the USA should have never got involved in and they still haven’t learned anything 50 years later.

This man is a super hero and a credit to his race and has made a very positive impact in this world.

It is a shame that there are not many more of Ali around to set a good  example for the kids today, of all races.

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