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Dr. Bill; a man to be admired

Scoop by S.O. I have done a few posting featuring Bill Cosby before but it is worth the repeat. Bill takes the bull by the horns and tells it the way it is.  The “KEY” to advancement of any kind … Continue reading

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Shooda had his helmet on

Ravens’ Jacoby Jones, Bryant McKinnie Reportedly Involved in Brawl with Stripper: Wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens Jacoby Jones takes a beating on the practice field during the week and on the playing field on Sundays but it took a … Continue reading

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Down with the pit bulls

2-year-old boy killed by pit bulls at baby sitter’s house: When are these “screwball” pit bull owners/lovers in this world ever going to wake up to the fact that these dogs were breed for only one thing and one thing … Continue reading

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Opening a new can of worms

MALL STANDOFF Al-Shabaab breaks new ground with complex Nairobi attack: The death toll so far in the Kenya Mall shooting is 59 dead and the number of injured is 175. This is a gigantic victory for the terrorists Islamic group. … Continue reading

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One for the Gipper

‘Sexual Jihad’ In Syria Cause Rise In Pregnancy Among Tunisian Women, Lawmaker Says: I have heard of giving it “one for the Gipper” but I think these Tunisian women are taking their patriotism to the extreme. Even though having premarital … Continue reading

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Deadbeat nation – you bet

Yahoo news Obama warns of ‘deadbeat’ US if debt limit not raised: I have news for Mr. Obama; the rest of the world already thinks the USA is a deadbeat nation. LIBERTY, Missouri (AFP) – President Barack Obama warned Friday … Continue reading

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Better be right Fischer

Hillary Clinton ‘Could Be Our First Lesbian President,’ Says Bryan Fischer host of “Focal Point”radio talk show : There is a new accusation circulating that Billy’s wife may be a “switch hitter”. To me that is one hell of an … Continue reading

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Go stand in the corner JP

Huffington Post JP Morgan To Pay $920 Million In Penalties For ‘Whale’ Losses: It is just another “slap on the wrist, time out and go stand” in the corner for JP Morgan.                 … Continue reading

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Маккейн нуждается в тайм-аут

Huffington Post Джон Маккейн пишет Правда Op – Ed : Это действительно трудно для меня, чтобы понять невежество наших политиков . Они , кажется, есть принуждение , чтобы попытаться контролировать все в жизни миров в то время как их дом … Continue reading

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Give Mc Cain a timeout

Huffington Post John McCain Writes Pravda Op-Ed: It is really hard for me to comprehend the ignorance of our politicians. They appear to have a compulsion to try and control everyone in the worlds life while their house is falling … Continue reading

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