Lets put the guns and bombs away and talk

Obama Announces That He Spoke With Iranian President Hassan Rouhani By Phone:


Lets put the guns and bombs away and talk. It is about time!

This is the best news I have had to blog on since doing the Gazette; it is refreshing. Hopefully it is not a scam or con job by the Iranian president. Such a dramatic turnaround in Iran’s policies in such a short period is very unusual.

If; is a very big word; if the USA and Iran can come to peaceful terms and develop a long lasting harmonious association it will definitely have a huge impact on all political relationships around the world. It has already been mentioned between Obama and Rouhani that the Syrian situation will be seriously impacted for the better if all goes well.

Needless to say Iran has a very big influence on all of the Muslims in the world and with any luck, Iran can get some of these terrorists groups in this world in line or at the very least be on the good guys side. The world absolutely needs something to be positive about and end all of the senseless violence and killing.

There are absolutely no issues in this world that cannot be resolved if the parties concerned first of all want a change, then sit down and negotiate using a level head. Nothing is impossible.

With wishful thinking, I can just imagine what the world can do to improve all of the living conditions in ever country if they did not have to squander all of the money they do to fund the wars. Sad to say someone would be stealing it.

If that peaceful day ever comes it would be a blessing for all mankind. What an optimist I am! I have my toes and fingers crossed.

99                                        98

I may have to give Obama two thumbs up on this one if he pulls it off because of his persistence diplomatic approach.

Maybe just one thumb. I really believe that Putin’s intervention in the Syrian matter made a huge impact on all of the politicians in the world  that was watching it unfold.


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