It is a dog eat dog world we live in

Patricia Ritz, Convicted Animal Abuser, Eaten By Her Own Dogs:

I guess every dog has their day and Fido and his gang got even with their master Patricia Ritz when she cashed in.

The Kentucky woman was recently convicted of animal cruelty and it appears that Fido and his gang of hounds got their revenge on the old broad as she laid dead on her kitchen floor.

Patricia kept dozens of hybrid wolf-dogs in her house for company but from time to time the old lady who had a mean streak beat her furry friends for no reason.

Last week Patricia who was 67 year old died suddenly and was not found until a week later or should I say only part of her was found. While she lay dead on the kitchen floor Fido and his gang were left with empty doggy bowls so they resorted to what any starving dogs would do and they ate their dead master in order to survive.


According to authorities who searched the home, the only thing they found that was left of Patricia was her human skull and jawbone. It can be said that Patricia’s hounds had a bone to pick with her and the hounds got the last bark.


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