They call it party unity

Republican Leaders Don’t Have The Votes For Their Own Hostage Plan:

What is the old say “the blind leading the blind”? I think that fits the Republican Party to a tee.


The “Elephants” have been stumbling over their own feet for years not making good choices to keep their ahead of the democrats and the political curve. Now they can’t even agree with each-other; nothing really new.

In recent years as in 2008 when they picked John McCain to run for the top spot; a poor choice to begin with because of his health issues and other detrimental factors; than McCain out of desperation and in an effort to appeal to the ladies and the liberals in the country picked the “Pistol Packing Palin” from Alaska to try and bail him out. Wrong again. Guys; you had four years to make a good choice and came up dry twice.

98                          96

When Obama made it to the top spot the second time, the Republican honcho’s thought they had to get be on an even keel with the democrats that had a black leader at their helm so they appointed Michael Steele so they can have a black figure-head as well; another big mistake. This guy thought he was King Farouk the way he was blowing money.

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I have read about some speculation that the day of Republican Party is over. Not only because of the dissention within their own party but the free loaders receiving social services in this country that don’t want to work for a living will continue to vote for a democrat. “Give a man a basket of fish and he will eat for a day; give a man a fishing rod and he will eat for life”! There are very few fisherman left in this country just a lot of people telling “fish stories”.

It is a frightening statistic that people on welfare and other social services can receive up to 15.50 an hour for not working while the minimum wage for the working people isn’t even 8.00 per hour. What incentive is there for the bums in this country to get out of bed in the morning and go to work? There is none!

To put this post in the proper perspective; there are very few politicians in this country on either side of the isle that are worth their salt.


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