Baseball tickets anyone??


Man Stabbed to Death Outside AT&T Park Following Giants-Dodgers Game:

Baseball tickets anyone?

The incident reportedly occurred four blocks from AT&T Park at 11:39 p.m. local time, following the Giants’ 6-4 win over the NL West champion Dodgers.

According to Fernandez, Smith and Hansen, the victim was walking with his brother and father, both of whom were decked out in Dodger gear, although the victim was not wearing baseball-related clothing.

Any more attending a sporting event a person takes their life and their families lives in their hands. What used to be a family outing is now a free for all and in some cases a death sentence.

Spectator violence in stadiums is part of a larger set of problems related to misbehavior in sport and concert arenas. A vast majority of the violence stems from booze related situations; it is called “liquid balls”.

We would not expect the owners of these stadiums to outlaw drinking on the premises or ban tailgating to curb some of the activity, when by the time the games starts some of the sports fans don’t even know what teams are playing.


In a Cleveland game last weekend there was some boozed up “brainy-ack”  sports fan streaked the field.  Just what everyone wants to see while they are at home eating their pizza and hot dogs with the family. His punishment is being banned for life from any sporting event in Cleveland.



99.9% of the fans have it under control but it is too bad that the .01% of the idiots ruin it for everyone.

Related include public intoxication, ticket scalping, underage drinking, student party riots, littering, terrorism acts, loitering, and traffic congestion. We don’t want to leave out; if some innocent person is wear the wrong kind of jersey, they might as well put a target on their back.

It appears that so many things in our society that were good intentioned years ago when people were more civilized has gone to hell.  This is what certain people call progress.

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