Play hard-ball Mr. Prez

Despite Obama overture, Iranians nix possibility of meeting with Rowhani:

In true Iranian fashion; this is a great way to begin developing relationships between countries by Iran going back on their word. How is anyone supposed to be trusted that can’t keep a commitment for more than one day?

Despite Obama announcing in his address to the U.N. General Assembly that he was opening the door to new talks over Iran’s nuclear program, U.S. officials revealed that the Iranian government was apparently uncomfortable with the prospect of Rowhani chatting personally with Obama in New York.

Post on the Goomba Gazette 9-24-13

Rouhani said that “his country is prepared for immediate nuclear talks that are time-bound and result-oriented “. Iran seeks to resolve problems, not to create them,” Rouhani said, pushing for the “rejection of violence and extremism.” He also stated that his country is prepared for immediate talks “to build mutual confidence and removal of mutual uncertainties.” 

I say bullshit!



But as a word of caution; as the old sayings go, ”if it seems too good to be true it usually is”, secondly “beware of Iranians (maybe it was Greeks) bearing gifts” , “keep your enemies close and your friends closer” and keep your eye on the hog and your finger on the trigger”! Proceed with extreme caution.


If I were Obama I would definitely play hard ball with these comedians and have them move forward on the USA’s terms. These kind of people  mistake agreeing to negotiations and diplomacy as  a sign of weakness.

After-all Obama’s creditability in the world has been diminished considerably in the Syrian situation.  Play hard-ball Mr. Prez!


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1 Response to Play hard-ball Mr. Prez

  1. andre caticchio says:

    A good American president is a compassionate person who walks softly but carries a big stick. He is not infallible but is not permitted to make many mistakes. This president has overspent his credit on mistakes for a long time now. He is the laughing stock of the political arena’s all over the world. He is the laughing stock of many consciencious americans. He has opened the flood gates of malicious humor that is justified now because he has been wrong so often.

    So I will remind you of the “wise guy” who extends his arm and hand to another person. Just as he is about to touch the hand of the other party he pulls back and strokes his hair. This is what just happened when our president met the compassionate (bullshit) president of Iran.

    It’s very funny if you pull this on a friend but it is an embarrassment in politics and a danger in the world arena. The president is earning disrespect and he is sharing it with the american people.

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