Are they nuts in Jersey or what??


It may be that when “Sandy” paid the Garden States a visit recently she must have pulled too many tomatoes off the vine before they were ripe and made the politicians there as wacked out as those out of control “Eye – tal – ians” on Jersey shore.


The powers to be/authorities there are in the process of passing a law; if someone sends a text to someone that is driving, they can be arrested.

I am not making this up. If they (the texter) send a text to someone (the textee) that is driving a car they can be arrested.

They are going to wind up arresting 80% of the Joysey population. If in fact this law does pass; the 64 dollar question is; how is the texter supposed to know that the texteee is driving when the texter sends the textee the text?????

It is no wonder that legislators in all walks of government can’t ever accomplish anything constructive; they continue to focus on non-sense issues. I am sure there are more pressing matters in that state that need attention.

The beginning and the end to the tall tale is; the textee that is driving the car is not supposed to be responding to texts they get when the texter is sending them a text messages.

All of you politicians in Jersey; take a week off with pay  and go visit Jesse “whats his” name”  in the slams to see if received his monthly hand out.  I am worried about the kid!

I would suggest calling ahead; he may be at the opera.


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