Who was the real boss???

Huffington Post

Colin Powell Worried U.S. Got Steamrolled Into Iraq War, Calls Out Dick Cheney: Documentary:

 Colin Powell can say “I told you so”.

 I always maintained from the very beginning that “Tricky Dick” Chaney was the driving force behind the invasion of Iraq! Don’t you think that his connection to Halliburton didn’t have something to do with it?


This sign just about says it all but I left out a few other adjectives.

 Powell described his meeting with President Bush in which he says he recommended the U.S. defer to the United Nations for weapons inspections rather than rush to war.

 “I said [to President Bush], ‘I recommend you take it to the UN. They are the aggrieved party. It’s their resolutions that have been offended,'” Powell says in the documentary.

 Powell goes on to say that Cheney made every excuse possible and did everything in his power to promote the Iraq war. The man does not have a consequence getting our country into a war that eventually escalated into the USA invading other countries that cost the government trillions of dollars, 1000’s of lives and 10 of 1000’s of permanently crippled or disfigured servicemen.

 If everything goes the way our government usually conducts all of their business; we will not see the light of day with these wars we are in for many years.

 There is some conversation circulating among the big wigs that they want to intervene in Syria. We have to remember one thing; once we commit to ANY type of action in Syria, it will eventually develop into a full blown commitment.  Stay away.

Kenny Roger made a song years ago that is very appropriate.  “You gotta know when to hold and know when to fold”.  With the kind of hand the USA has, we should have folded even before we got into the game. 

This is part of the blog I did on Cheney – March 18 2013


Posted on March 18, 2013 by The Goomba Gazette

Huffington Post

Iraq War Cost $800 Billion, “What Do We Have To Show For It”?

The answer to that ridiculous questions is; thousands of dead military personal, thousands of maimed and permanently disable soldiers, financial ruin, debt up to our eye balls, a diminished reputation around the world as the USA being bunch of fools and a great of shame for being defeated. I hope I covered everything.

In 2003 when GWB didn’t listen to his most “trusted adviser” that he sent to Iraq to see if there were any weapons of mass destruction being hidden by Saddam and the answer that came back to him was a definite NO; GWB and the president DC would not accept their experts findings. It was already determined by GWB and President Dick Cheney that they were going to war regardless of what the report was.

The two big wigs justification for their invasion was they were going after the terrorists from 911. The fact of the matter is; fifteen of the attackers were from Saudi Arabia, two from the United Arab Emirates, one from Egypt, and one from Lebanon; none from Iraq.

I said from the inception of the war; we did not have the right to invade another country because of an unproven supposition. GWB listen to DC who was bound and determined to start a war; some believing for monetary reasons.

I always maintained that Iraq would be in worse shape when we pulled out then when we got there. That has already been proven.

Was it just a co-incident that Cheney was the CEO of Halliburton before he quit to run for vice president. If my memory serves me, Cheney walked away with a $ 36 million dollar severance package. How nice.

Is it another co-incident that Halliburton was “given” billions of dollars for “no-bid” work in Iraq? I don’t think so.

Now after 10 years the big shots are asking “What Do We Have To Show For It”?

It is all about the money ladies and gents. There is no other way around it.

Any person with half of a brain would think that the DC destroyers would have learned a good lesson in Viet Nam and not to go where they don’t belong.

It should not be the responsibility of the USA to go around the world being the policemen of humanity and peace-makers. We have enough problems on our home turf to be concerned about.

If in fact; if some of our efforts, lost lives and money made a difference in the political and social structures of these countries than we may be able to say “it was worth the price” but at is not the case.

We still haven’t learned and probably never will. There are a lot of people out there that are making fortunes on these wars. I sure would love to see the paper trail.

When I listened to a TV interview with Cheney and he stated that he had no regrets about decisions he made while in office; that really validated what type of cold and heart-less person he is.

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