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These bastards could be related

3 Female Bodies Found In Plastic Bags In Ohio Suburb; Suspect Arrested As Search Continues: Anyone shopping for a house in Cleveland? It isn’t bad enough that Cleveland has been known as the “Mistake on the Lake” and the city … Continue reading

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There we go with that “N” word again

Rae Dawn Chong Calls Oprah Winfrey A ‘Field N*gger’ & Brown-Noser’ In A Recent Radio Interview:                                      What are good friends for? Oprah has gotten steam rolled by more of her so called friends than any other celeb around. Rae … Continue reading

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“State of the Trayvon Martin address”

Excerpts and comments from Obama’s “State of the Trayon Martin ” address. OBAMA: You know, when Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said that this could have been my son. Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have … Continue reading

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That is high enough guys

BIGGER – TALLER – STEEPER – FASTER – WHAT IS THE LIMIT Mom dies after falling from roller coaster at Six Flags in Texas. ARLINGTON, Texas – A woman died Friday evening in an accident while riding the Texas Giant … Continue reading

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The cook is worried about being bar-b-qued

Z 40 got nailed Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, Captured Mexico Drug Lord, Seeks Protection From Torture: The captured head of the Zetas drug cartel has filed for legal protection over claims that he is at risk of torture or isolation … Continue reading

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The lights finally went on in DC; maybe

House proposes massive cuts to US aid, diplomacy: The light finally went on in DC; I am shocked. Probably too little too late.

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What a difference a day and a few extra bucks makes

Miley Cyrus On Lesbian Rumors: ‘I’m Not Offended’: For a little girl that became famous because of her wacky old man’s persistence and her all American persona; what an extreme metamorphosis  took place as she got older.       … Continue reading

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Save those chop sticks guys

CNN China seen surpassing U.S. in superpower shift: Once a country like the USA is sliding down the “economic slippery slope”  the way it is it can’t ever gain their “footing again. “The old gray mare isn’t what it used … Continue reading

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Show some balls fellas

Rolling Stone’s ‘The Bomber’ Issue Banned By CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid And Kmart: It is about time that some of the American companies show their patriotism and ban the selling of the “Fallen Rock” magazine in the stores. I would … Continue reading

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What a zoo!

This information was sent to me by an old Marine Corps friend of mine (JM) that lives in New York. Take a good look at the political candidates running for various offices in New York City. What a zoo! We … Continue reading

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