The Big Desk

New IRS Scandal Twist Disputed By Jack Lew:

Over the past few days, several news organizations have reported that William Wilkins, the IRS chief counsel, met with President Barack Obama in the White House two days before his office suggested new criteria for how the IRS should scrutinize groups applying for 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status. The stories implied that Wilkins had taken directives from the highest level of the administration before deciding to inappropriately screen tea party organizations.

Naturally the IRS said no such discussion took place.

Let’s add this 2 + 2 story together and see it does not add up to 4 or maybe it does “DC style”. There are two people telling two different stories that do not jive with each-other; one of them is a liar.

I have always maintained; “any boss that does not know what is going on in his company or administration is either a fool or is a liar”. In either case they do not belong behind the big desk.

If the shoes fit, put them on.

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