2013 Dumb and Dumber Award

Dumb and Dumber was a movie made about two idiots. If both of their brains were put on the head of a pin there would still be plenty of room for a battle ship.


Point in case. There is another idiot out there that has an IQ even lower than both of theirs combined that has been making a real splash in the headlines lately; he would make Dumb and Dumber look like Rhode Scholars. He is not only an idiot but a certified, genuine wiener.

hot dog

This wiener, Anthony Weiner is running for the mayor of New York but his shaded past seems to be coming back to haunt him.

Just in case some of you have been hiding under a rock; Anthony was caught sending naked text pictures to some lady while he was serving as one of America’s finest congressmen. As a result of his stupidity The Wiener was forced to resign.

He flatly refused to pull out of the mayoral race even with his popularity rating in the toilet.

What this brain surgeon did today is beyond belief. He admitted to sending even more lude texts’ to several other women. That should really give his popularity a boost.

I am trying to get into this guy’s head. He is like the guy that was supposed to be home at 10 PM from bowling but was out with some side trim. He figured that it was mid-night; he was already in trouble with old lady, so he might as well stay out all night.

He will definitely get the 2013 Dumb and Dumber award for being an idiot.

dog                   aw

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