Bubble gum bozo


Prosecutors: Bubblegum, texts among trail of evidence in Hernandez’s case:


The Killer semipro football player bit off more than he can chew when he spit his ARBC bubble gum into the back seat of rental car he used when he “offed” his sister’sex-squeeze Odin Lloyd.

Speculation is that there may have been a vendetta to be settled between big bro and sisters ex.

Not only did the “Rhodes Scholar” leave his DNA on the blue bubble gum he expectorated in the back seat but he spit it next to a shell casing that came from his .45 pistol he also left as evidence.

Cell towers and surveillance cameras have also put the “gridiron gorilla” at the scene of the crime.


The only thing that Hernandez didn’t do was to leave the authorities a note telling them his name and address and a photograph.

I think it can be safely assumed that this guy would never have made a good rocket scientist.


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