Batting a 1000 – two for two and wrong on both

Huffington Post

Supreme Court Throws Out Ruling Blocking Texas Voter ID Law:

The court’s action Thursday was a predictable result of its major ruling two days earlier that effectively ended the federal government’s strict supervision of elections in Texas and other states with a history of discrimination in voting.

It took the “centurions” of the Supreme Court 6 months to vote on 2 issues and they got them both wrong. Same sex marriages and the Texas voting law.


It is hard to believe what they are paid for the little they do.  How about these apples; they make between $223,500.00 – $213,900 a year depending on the positions they hold and never breaking a bead sweat?

Not to mention when they retire (sometimes they have to be taken out on a stretcher) they are paid for life their full pension equal to their highest pay grade if they served for a minimum of 10 years. That is one hell of a package.

No government employee should not be allowed to serve more than 4 years without being elected instead of being appointed. Even when most politicians are elected the voters get it wrong.

I am inclined that the smirk has to be a “I got you again smirk”.


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