Time for the flat tax before the IRS bankrupts the government

Fox News

IRS officials try to tame conference spending scandal:

The continually try to sweep any bad news under the rug like it never happened; they call it damage control.

The so called “Lawmakers on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee”; the crew that is supposed to be the watch dogs that keeps the government cheats in line is doing a substandard job to say the least. If they did their jobs correctly or at all the government would not have these constant discrepancies.

According to what they are admitting to the IRS thieves have misusing taxpayer money to the tune of $4.1 million for conferences at luxury hotel, expensive unnecessary training videos, pent house rooms, some porno videos were purchased and liquor that was not an approved item.


$3.2 million of the money was funded by money set aside to hire enforcement employees. The remaining dollars were squandered even more foolishly.

There have been so many serious infractions  by the IRS lately that I think this is a great time to enact the “Flat Tax” system in the USA and get rid of about 98% of the freeloaders.

The supposed watch dogs are letting the fox into the hen house and feeding him very well at the taxpayers’ expense and are most probably getting their palms greased too.

I don’t know if anyone in the government really cares about these infractions because they only make a feeble attempt at best to correct issues after the crimes are committed. For the most part; the punishment that the crooks receive is a slap on the wrist or 12 months off with pay until their co-conspirators can relocate them somewhere else where they are out of the way.

I have stated this in other blogs; If Russia can make it on 13% flat tax why can’t the USA follow suit. It is apparent that the politicians in the country are bigger crooks than the Russians.

Lets hope we get all of the facts.

Joe Friday on the old show “Drag Net” used to say “just the facts mam, just the fact”.


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