Big Brothers and Sisters are steal from their own kids

Fox News

Justice Department freezes funds to Big Brothers Big Sisters following audit:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the national charity that has been championed by President Obama for its work with at-risk kids, overpaid consultants, failed to track taxpayer funds it passed on to affiliates and kept such sloppy financial records that the Department of Justice has cut off millions of dollars in federal grants, officials said.

I have always wondered just how many government funded “non-profit” charitable organizations are scamming. These people stoop to new lows and have no compassion for their fellow human-beings while they are robbing the government and in essences stealing from every tax paying citizen.


You can see by their logo that they have been at it for 52 years.  They most probably have misappropriated millions of dollars in that period that was ear marked to help out kids. I guess after the 2nd or 3rd time they steal it becomes easier and easier.

The fact of the matter is that the United States Government is too big and cannot police all of its branches and subsidiary recipients. Chance are that the ones that are doing the policing  are the ones that are helping  to take the loot out the backdoor.

The following are just a few of the “known” scams from organizations that are clipping the government and getting away with it.

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What is the resolution to this mess is a good question. I say make an example out of the perpetrators and send them to a good long stretch to the “cross bar hotel” instead a slap on the wrist or promoting them and shipping them to a new hiding place. That may help future crooks but I really doubt it.


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