4th and ten for the ex-football player

Fox News

Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez charged with murder:


What we have here is another example of a hot shot sports figure that thinks he is above the law. He may have taken the term “Killer football player” out of context”.

Aaron Hernandez who is a former star New England Patriot tight end who has been at the center of a police investigation since a body was found near his Massachusetts home, was charged Wednesday with the murder of a semi-professional football player and pleaded not guilty to all of the 6 charges against him.

I have no idea why the judges even bother asking the defendant how they plead. I haven’t seen any criminal plead guilty in years including Anthony Sowell “the Cleveland Butcher” that had 13 bodies buried in his house, either in the walls, basement or outside. Not guilty?????

All of these tactics are precipitated by their attorneys to drain as much money out of the legal systems as they possibly can.

A few of these sports figures really begin to believe the hype given to them by their adoring fans and the media, soon believing they can walk on water. One day they are nobody and the next day they have unlimited resources at their disposal. The old say is “you can’t put a fur coat on a hog”.

pig      OINK – OINK

If Hernandez hasn’t blown all of his “gee-dice” already, when his  “mouth piece” get finished with him, if not convicted he will be standing in a soup line begging for handouts.


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