“Don’t leave home without them”

LB Caught In Prostitution Sting: Quentin Groves Arrested For Solicitation:

A Cleveland Browns linebacker was arrested in a prostitution sting last week in Ohio.

This line-backer has a hard time catching some of the receivers of the opposing team on the playing field, so he though it may be easier to “catch the clap” from some “lady of the night”.


Quentin certainly won’t go to San Quentin for his indiscretions but he may spend a night or two in the county jail.

Quentin Groves was arrested on charges of soliciting a prostitute after he agreed in a phone conversation on a prearranged price with the make-believe hooker who happened to be a Beachwood, Ohio cop under-cover. He never made it under the covers with her.

The stud football player is not a high roller but a moderate shopper when it comes to buying hookers services. On the phone he made reservations and settled on a one hour/ with all the amenities, $120.00 trick. Tip not included if the service was exceptional.

He was arrested when he entered a room at the Homestead Hotel in Orange Village, a small town east of Cleveland. He had a whopping $195.70 in his pocket and a box of “Safety balloons”.

I figure that he is a very cautious dude and didn’t want to have more cash on himself just in case it was a set to roll him; a very common practice in that line of work.

Quentin is expected to appear in court on May 10. I wonder if the Missis is going to accompany him??

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