Blood sucking leaches

Congress is considering taxing items sold on the internet:

Did anyone ever hear the cliché about “blood sucking leaches”? Well folks they are alive, well, hungry and coming after us disguised as politicians.


The American people are being taxed in so many different ways it is sacrilege. The next tax I am waiting for is the “defecation tax”. For the readers that need a little help with this one, the government is going to start taxing us when we relieve ourselves.

Is there any way to put the brakes on these vultures? The bleeding would be semi tolerable if the government operated in a proficient and responsible manner. That is not the case. They squander more money in one day than China has rice or Carter has liver pills.

If all of the loop holes were closed and a flat tax was enacted with everyone paying their fair share there would not be a need for Dracula and his crew to try and financially rape the taxpaying citizens every-time we turn around. When is enough ever enough.

We are told by Washington to express our opinions and views by the way we vote and who we elected. Is that the biggest joke in the world? Once on the campaign trail all of the politicians lie their ass off just to get the vote. They make promises that are impossible to keep and it appears that the majority of the voters fall for their rhetoric.

After these people get into office they become deaf, dumb and blind as to what is best for the citizens. It is becomes more of what they can do to feather their own nest  and have little concern for the citizens they are supposed to be representing.

Will a time ever come when creating taxes or raising taxes is not the solution?

I still maintain; if Russia operates effectively on a 13% flat tax why can’t we?

Money, power and corruption rules.

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