Go to confession, all of you

Huffington Post


The Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired announced on Thursday that it would be letting 28 of its 65-member staff go with sales orders from the federal government drying up. The group works predominantly with the General Services Administration to produce tape products.


All I can say about these childish politicians that are supposed to be representing us is they are pathetic for letting this country getting the condition it is.

We can assured of one thing; if the sequester would have affected them or their families in any way shape or form it would have never happened.

Now we have a group of blind people that do not have enough on their plates to deal with, they are getting laid off because of these incompetent “DC Disasters”.

I know, they all will go home tonight; that is if they didn’t leave on a long weekend hours ago; and sleep very well believing that they are doing a stellar job.

What they are not doing is a sin and they should all go to confession even if they are not right handers.


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