“Welcome to the school of higher education in cheating and stealing”

Huffington Post

Former Atlanta Schools Chief Indicted In Cheating Scandal

ATLANTA — In another embarrassing blow to Atlanta public schools, nearly three dozen former educators, including the ex-superintendent, were indicted Friday in one of the nation’s largest test cheating scandals.

Beverly Hall

Former Superintendent Beverly Hall along with 33 other people were indicted: four high-level administrators, six principals; two assistant principals; six testing coordinators; 14 teachers; a school improvement specialist and a school secretary.

Who else is more qualified  to instruct a kid the best way to cheat, steal and not get caught but their teachers? Isn’t that why they are called teachers.

Kids in the Atlanta school system that were failing or having a tough time with their classes had a life-line in dark clothing at the other end of the class rooms; their teachers.

For a couple of bucks that were classified as “bonuses”, the green backs were passed along to the educators for a little inside information. For the kids that were failing, F’s became a C -, D’s became a C +.

What was the end result; student getting to high school that read at a 4th grade level and teachers driving BMW’s.

That seems like a pretty good tradeoff for the teachers selling their souls. After all isn’t that why we sent our kids to school to learn from the best?

Most Americans sit back and ask themselves what has happened to our country and our kids? Here is another in the long list of answers, no role models. The people that are supposed to be helping the young kids lay the foundations for their lives became the kids’ worst enemies.

These teachers that were caught with their hands is the cookie jars should be very proud of themselves and their accomplishments as educational leaders. They have the distinction of cultivating a generation of illiterate dummies and showing the rest world what some teachers in the USA are made of.

By the way teachers, jail bird is not spelled drib liaj!!

You all get an F- for your lack of contribution to your students education.


Go sit in the corner with the rest of the dunces.

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1 Response to “Welcome to the school of higher education in cheating and stealing”

  1. andre caticchio says:

    I would bet the farm that most if not all were from a group that we may not criticize in any way and at any time.

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