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Weather Channel Anchor Says She Was Fired Because Of Military Service:

Whatever happened to patriotism in our country and supporting the troops?

nicolephotoeditedThe internet is full of tributes to Maj. Nicole Mitchell, “weather babe,” who for seven years was a familiar face on the Weather Channel.

In 2008 after NBC bought The Weather Channel, Mitchell says that her new managers would frequently complain about her military obligations, purposely schedule work shifts during her trainings, and dock her vacation days. She was bumped from the channel’s flagship show to a later night broadcast, and finally, four days after she returned from her two-week annual training in 2010, she was told that her contract wouldn’t be renewed, “for business reasons.”

Her manager must be one of those ultra-liberal idiots that don’t realize that if it wasn’t for our military personal fighting to keep America safe and free, they would not have the liberties and the freedom they enjoy.

Major Nicole Mitchell should be serving as a role model for NBC instead of treating her like a leaper.

I hope that when she is finished suing them the name of that anti-American company will be Mitchell Broadcasting.

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  1. andre caticchio says:

    Most of the major networks are very liberal. Their motto is “my way or the highway”. NBC is head and shoulders above the rest of the networks in its liberalism. These people did not learn a thing from WWII. On second thought, they may have learned more than we give them credit but not the good.

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