The “E” word is getting the axe

Fox News

War on Faith? Alabama Elementary School Bans the Word Easter:

And now we have the “E” word that we have to be politically not to use. It is one gigantic joke.

They call it a war on faith and I call it a display of stupidity.


The war on Easter has begun! The dim-witted principal of Heritage Elementary School in Madison, Alabama has banned the use of the word Easter in the school saying that it infringes on the rights of students. Give me a break!! It can be that the old girl just wanted to get a little press.

Doesn’t this old broad have anything better to do with her time? Maybe she can go and cleaned all of the restrooms in  school she in charge of to keep her occupied.

If everyone in this world respected others points of view; they don’t necessarily have to agree with them, this would be a much better planet to live on.

What harm has the word Easter caused anyone except the ding bats with too much time on their hands?

Are we going to have to ban the words Quanza or Rosh Hashanna or Ramadan or Narakare or is it just the Christians that are always taking a beating?

We should all chip in a few bucks and buy all of the nay-sayers a one way ticket to a deserted island in the Pacific. Sink the ship they went there on and we would not have to listen to their ridiculous rhetoric any longer.


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