Trump can’t buy Scotland

CBS News

Scotland approves wind farm opposed by Donald Trump:

The Scottish government on Tuesday approved an offshore wind farm that has drawn the ire of American tycoon Donald Trump, who fears it will spoil the views at his luxury golf resort nearby and that the wind generated by the Wind Mills.

All of his money and influence could not stop the high court of Scotland from shooting down the Trumper.

Talk about ego. Trump said “he would spend as much money as he has to prevent to construction of 11 wind turbines” that will give electric power to 49,000 homes.

It seems that Trump’s real objection over this program was, the off shore wind mills are so powerful that they would blow all of the hair spray out of the “The Donald’s” Coiffure while playing golf. Now that would be a catastrophe.

Donny, money can’t buy everything.

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