Lets not hurry old timers! Wouldn’t want you to break a hip.

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Supreme Court proceeds cautiously on same-sex marriage:

“Proceeding cautiously” is the MO (mode of operation)for everything the Supreme Court does. By the time they get all of their wheel chairs tuned up and have their Geritol prescriptions refilled it takes months for these centurions to get rolling.

Everything that the top lawyers of the land undertake is a monumental task that takes them forever to resolve. Reason being, by the time they are halfway through the issue they forgot what they were debating about.

Squarely confronting the issue of same-sex marriage for the first time, a majority of Supreme Court justices — on both sides of the ideological divide — seemed inclined to hold off on a landmark decision, with several indicating they believed they jumped into the issue too soon.

The same sex marriage issue has been plaguing the country for at least 10 – 15  years, now all of a sudden the Supreme Courts justices doesn’t want to jump into anything prematurely? Heavens forbid; if they rushed into anything they may get a blow out in their vehicles of conveyance as they speed down the invalid ramps to their chambers.

It is inevitable that sooner or later this unnatural issue is going to be passed and accepted by a vast majority of people throughout the world.

As far as I am concerned, in situations like this the world is regressing instead of progressing.

I am not one that stands on a soap box and preaches but how abnormal this arrangement is and how it was not intended for mankind. To each their own.

The same sex marriages are bad enough but then the happy couple wants to adopt kids and the kids grow up very confused as to what their sexual orientations are. Let face it, kids are confused enough today without putting something else on their plates.


What if at the beginning of time there was Adam and Andrew or Samantha and Sara in the Garden of Eden; civilization would have never gotten off the ground.

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1 Response to Lets not hurry old timers! Wouldn’t want you to break a hip.

  1. andre caticchio says:

    There are places that the courts should have jurisdiction and some places not. This like Roe vs Wade has no business in court. Both are moral issues with many opinions but opinion is not necessary deserving a law. The left like to slant things in their own direction and they are winning hands down. Its time to stop them or we will be on a path of no return. I use to think the people were in charge but I have now understand differently. The typical american is fat, spoiled and lazy. They have no moral fiber and don’t have the least idea what they are voting on. They only care about today and the hell with tomorrow. The last great power to act this way were the Frogs (French) and they have yet to recover. We americans made a promise through our leaders in WWII that we would never let genocide happen again and it never stopped. Wait and watch what will happen when marriage becomes a free for all. People will marry their pet, their grandparents, their teachers and every combination you can think of and in any multiple desired.

    Andre Caticchio

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