Leave the dogs at home


Supreme Court limits drug-sniffing dog use:

One of the most powerful and useful tools in law enforcement, the drug sniffing dog has been put on the Supreme Courts 10 “most not wanted list”.

After receiving a tip that marijuana was being grown in the house, officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department approached Joelis Jardines’ home with their drug sniffing dog. With its acute sense of smell the dog detected that there was “weed” growing in the house and the cops did what they do best; broke down door.

Just as I alluded to in my other blog today, the Supreme Court takes forever to act on any issue. This monumental mistake that they voted on today happened in 2006 and it took until 2013, 7 years to make a decision and a bad one at that. It is no wonder they are appointed for life; it takes them a life time to make a decision.

“To find a visitor knocking on the door is routine (even if sometimes unwelcome); to spot that same visitor exploring the front path with a metal detector, or marching his bloodhound into the garden before saying hello and asking permission, would inspire most of us to – well, call the police,” Scalia wrote. I wonder if this Italian judge ever heard of the element of surprise. I always thought he was a little sharper than he has proven himself to be.


I wonder if there are any cases in the past that can be overturned because of this ingenious law that was passed today?

Ambulance chasers; get on your running shoes.

I think it is about time that the leaders of our country quit worrying about being what is political correct and start using every tool available to law enforcement to crack down on the people that are breaking the law.

These Supreme Courts justices want the laws to be enforced but they are putting the hand- cuffs on the wrong people.

I don’t think that the criminals have a problem with political correctness.  They use the laws of the land to work in their favor everyday.

Are the drug sniffing dogs in airports and other public places suppose to announce themselves 2 weeks before they sniff at your personal items?

I hope that the Supreme Court doesn’t have to act on that question, I may not be around to see what their decision is.


There was a movie made years back that has an appropriate name for some of our leaders, “Dumb and Dumber”.



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