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Sarkozy under investigation for ‘exploiting frail L’Oreal heiress’:

It seems that the ex-president of France has himself in a big bowl of hot “French onion soup” and the melted cheese is engulfing his head.


Sarkozy is accused for accepting money from 84-year-old L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt to the tune of E 150,000.00. To make matters worse for ex-prez the very rich lady was suffering for dementia at the time of the “questionable gift”.

As long as the ex-prez was in office he had political immunity but now that he is just another  run of the mill French croissant, he may face 3 years in the bastille and a E325,000.00 fine.

Maybe his sexy model Italian wife Carla Bruni can call a few of the boys in the Mafia to see if they can fix this one. After all “Blood is blood”.

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