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Silvio sta bussando alla porta

Silvio sta bussando alla porta. Sono gli italiani intenzione di rispondere? Inviato il 24 febbraio 2013 da La Gazzetta Goomba Huffington Post Elezioni italiane: Nazione Goes To sondaggi nel voto considerato cruciale per il futuro economico: La terra dei “Big … Continue reading

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Silvio is knocking on the door again. Are the Italians going to answer?

Huffington Post Italian Elections: Nation Goes To Polls In Vote Seen As Crucial For Economic Future: The land of the “Big Boot” is having another election for president and “Slick Silvio” is running for office again. Italy changes presidents the … Continue reading

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Bow wow

Huffington Post Women is arrested for having sex with her pit bull: She has given a new meaning to “pet lover”. This obviously sick women was arrest when cops in Vegas responded to a call and found Kara Vandereyk having … Continue reading

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I will show you mine If you show me yours

CNN FBI battling ‘rash of sexting’ among its employees: I think their boss should look for something to keep “America’s sleuths” a little busier so they don’t have the time to send naughty texts and nude photos of themselves to … Continue reading

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Old indiscretions come back to haunt – More black eyes for The Right Handers

Huffington Post Ex-Senator Admits To Fathering Love Child With Daughter of GOP Colleague: Skeletons in the closet never disappear or go away; sooner or later they come back to bite us in our posteriors. It seems that the former senator … Continue reading

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Its not me, its the other dummy

Huffington Post Ray LaHood Warns Sequester Will Cause Air Travel Delays: Is this sequestering situation a joke or what? According to what I have been reading there is not one person who has given this destructive policy a check mark … Continue reading

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Role models??? Are you kidding me!

  Rihanna, Kate Moss Strip Down For V Magazine’s March 2013 Cover:             Are there boundaries anymore? Here are two very famous women that millions of young girls in the world emulate. Because of people … Continue reading

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Life doesn’t have to be so complicated

The Davisieo Cronical Willys Jeep…..impressive! 6 soldiers pull up on a main street in Halifax , Nova Scotia as part of a parade. They’re in a standard issue WWII type Willys Jeep. In the span of about 4 to 5 … Continue reading

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The Oddo Commission

Sent to me by the Oddo commission: I always knew that these people were set for life but it is black and gold it really brings it home, like a punch in the gut. I may stretch my total convictions … Continue reading

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Liars – cheaters – gun toting teachers, inside information and sinful mothers

Huffington Post Judy Viger, New York Mother, Arrested For Buying Strippers For Underage Son’s Birthday Party: “Sonny; now that I bought you a stripper for your 16th birthday, what do you want for Christmas, a case of Johnny Walker Blue … Continue reading

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