Put the gloves on

Fox News

Keith Ellison Explodes At Sean Hannity: ‘The Worst Excuse For A Journalist I’ve Ever Seen’

hannIn viewing this video it is my opinion that this verbal confrontation was more about race than it was about politics.

Ellison a black congressman was defending Obama the black president not the impending sequester.

I believe that Hannity did a good job of keeping his composure and didn’t let the ranting short-temper man get to him. I was waiting for a shoe to come flying across the screen.

The video is worth watching if you like that type of entertainment.


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1 Response to Put the gloves on

  1. andre caticchio says:

    This is a good example of what we use to call black people. It’s about time most black people learn to act as civilized human beings and learn how the system works. A good american does not support a cause that keeps them in perpetual slavery but most blacks do just that. They refuse to learn English, get educated, earn and save money and think the world owes them a living. You are know by the company you keep. Gangs and ebonics will only give you a one way ticket to destruction and death in prison. Wake up black men and women and become a part of the real world.

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