His mother said “he could never make a decision when he was a kid either”.

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Fox News Poll: Voters say sequester needed because Congress can’t make cuts:

American voters think the impending across-the-board budget cuts, known as the sequester, are what it will take to get the federal deficit under control — because there’s no other way Congress will do it.

So let me ask a stupid question. If the congress can’t make decisions and we have to let evolution/sequester do the dirty work for them, what do we need congress for? They haven’t passed a budget in four years either. They are too busy making sure that their pension and vacation times are not tampered with.


Is it that neither side wants to be blamed for being the one that caused the cuts? Passing the buck in DC is business as usual. At least they are consistent; they don’t do anything.

It doesn’t seem to bother these politicians that have an 82% disapproval rating.

One side of the isle is more pathetic than the other.


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