Turn off the tap Bud


Suits: More Water, Less Buzz in Bud, Michelob Beer:

budThe Clydesdale Clan is not making enough money; they are resorting to watering the suds down according to a class action law suit. They have some pissed off customers  complaining that it is taking the drunks a lot longer to get a buzz.

If the allegations turn out to be factual it is a real shame. The brewski company controls about 39% of the market and still isn’t satisfied. I know what they will do with this. They are going to blame the PFC and claim the generals knew nothing about it.

According to the whistle blowers from Bud this is a matter of corporate practice with all of their products and it is a very significant savings to the company. Water is added just before bottling and cuts the stated alcohol content by 3 percent to 8 percent.

We could maybe excuse a start-up company that is trying to cut corners to get off the ground but when a company like Budweiser, who may I say is not wiser for the deception, pulls a shot like this there is no excuse for it.


It is not looking good for the King of Beers. Looks more like a peasant to me.

Don’t they know that next to a guys wife and kids his beer comes next? If this is true I hope it bites them in the bottles.

Greed Greed Greed

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1 Response to Turn off the tap Bud

  1. andre caticchio says:

    If this is true and they keep it up they will become the largest bottled water company in the USA

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