They didn’t chuck Chuck

Senate approves Hagel as new secretary of defense:

chuck(Reuters) – The Senate on Tuesday confirmed Chuck Hagel as President Barack Obama’s new secretary of defense, ending an unusually acrimonious confirmation fight.

The Senate voted 58-41 to confirm the former Republican senator as the civilian leader of the Pentagon in a largely party line vote. Just four Republicans joined the Democrats and independents in support of Hagel’s nomination.

At least we have to give the DC gang credit for being consistent. It takes them months to move on and accomplish any task they have to act on; sometimes even years, like balancing the budget that still has not been settled after 4 years.

Today after they came back from their long weekend and aquatically rested the senate approved Mr. Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

After all the noise,  name calling  and innuendos that were thrown back and forth, Hagel was finally confirmed today.

Through the years I have noticed one major similarity between big business and government whether it is on a local lever or national. Whatever their task is, they drag it out as long as they possibly can so it appears  that what they are attempting to do is very arduous . The longer it takes to come to a decision the more important the project appears.

They knew from the beginning when Obama appointed him that Hagel would be approved.

gorillaThe politicians are like the gorillas in the jungle that roar and beat their chest just to be noticed. It makes them feel important. Although I think a gorilla has a little more sense than the most of them.

Mr. Hagel is very suited for the position being that he is one of the few people we have in DC today that have actually served in our military. I would suggest that his military background will serve him well as Secretary of Defense.

Washington (CNN)Members of Congress are quick to say they support the troops and veterans, but the number of elected officials who have served has plummeted to its lowest point since World War II.

Only 20% of the 535 members of the new Congress have served in the military, 25 from the Senate and 90 from the House of Representatives.

Hagel is a Vietnam War veteran, having served in the United States Army infantry from 1967 to 1968. Holding the rank of Sergeant (E-5), he served as an infantry squad leader in the 9th Infantry Division. Hagel served in the same infantry squad as his younger brother Tom, and they are believed to be the only American siblings to do so during the Vietnam War. They also ended up saving each other’s lives on separate occasions. While serving during the war, he received the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, two Purple Hearts, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Combat Infantryman Badge.

At least we have a rose or two among all those thorns.

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