Take it off son

Fox News

Father wants school dress code changed after son asked to remove Marines T-shirt:

An Illinois father wants a school district to reconsider its dress code after his son was asked to remove a U.S. Marines T-shirt or be suspended, FoxNews.com has learned.

Daniel McIntyre, 44, of Genoa, told FoxNews.com that his 14-year-old son, Michael, was asked to remove the T-shirt by eighth-grade teacher Karen Deverell during reading class at Genoa-Kingston Middle School on Monday. Deverell, citing the school’s dress code, said the garment’s interlocking rifles was problematic and had to be removed from sight, McIntyre said.

One of my proudest accomplishments in life was being and serving as United States Marine. I would not have traded it for the world, with exception the first 16 weeks of boot camp torture.  Only after the fact to realize that without that intense training we would not be Marines!!

Under these circumstances I will agree with the school to have this young man remove the shirt he is wearing; only because it has the crossed rifles displayed. If the shirt just had USMC on it there would not be a problem.

With all of the shooting catastrophes the country has witnessed recently in schools we certainly do not need to advertise any type of weapons and give some half-cocked kid any ideas.

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1 Response to Take it off son

  1. andre caticchio says:

    We have reached a level of immaturity in this country that is robbing our children and our nation of separating truth from reality. A Marine is a gun toting hero of our nation and thats the truth. If we can’t teach our children the difference between good and evil and have them understand then we have lost our identity, our children and our country. Hold the ground before it all slides over a cliff.

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