But he said he loved me!!

Fox News

Part-time judge accused of having ‘sexual relations’ with inmate:

The time has come to judge the judge.

judgeINDIANAPOLIS – A northern Indiana lawyer who’s also a part-time judge faces disciplinary charges on accusations she had an inappropriate relationship with a client while she was his public defender.

It appears that Lisa Traylor-Wolff had the 7 year itch and could not control her emotions when it came to getting up close and personal with a jail bird. The part time judge and full time attorney engaging in “sexual activity” with a client, which is direct violation of the “an attorney must abstain for having sexual encounters with a client” law.

She looks like such an innocent girl that got caught up with some fast talking convict.

Ms. Wolff; at least I hope she is a Ms. and not a Mrs., is like so many other lonely women with a low self-esteem that get conned into a relationship by the cons and truly think that these bad boys have a real affection for them. Girls; wake up they are just using you.

This little fling Lisa had is going to cost her a lot more than just a weekend in the slams. It will cost her the carrier she worked so hard for and her reputation will be shot for life.

Meanwhile; Romeo is going to be a hero with all of his homies and will add another notch on his belt buckle.

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1 Response to But he said he loved me!!

  1. andre caticchio says:

    A horny human being is not responsible for their actions when engaged in promiscuous acts because they are out of their minds. Everyone knows this and it’s a common defense in many cases even when no sex is involved. Man is of weak mind and body and is easily swayed in every direction. Case closed.

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