Look into the mirror and obsolve yourself


British cardinal skipping conclave to elect pope’s successor after resigning:

bandThe Catholic religion better go out and find a very big bandage and put it on the wound to stop the bleeding. They are leaning toward a very slow  death.

cardNow we are graduating to the hierarchy.

I wonder how many confessions Cardinal Keith O’Brien heard in his lifetime as a priest? How many “Our Fathers and Hail Mary’s” did this guy dispense to the sinners that accidentally swore, ate meat on Friday or had an indecent thought? All the while this man of god is having sexual contact with some of his fellow priests. That is the hypocrisy of the entire religion thing.

Most people say it is not the religions fault but the individual’s. Who makes a strong government, corporation or big business but its leaders. Not only did the cover up for the pedophile priests go all the way to the pope, now we are finding out that the guys who could have conceivably be considered for the next pope are engaging in homosexual activities.

His eminence made an apology, if that is what you can call it, for his indiscretions. “Looking back over my years of ministry: For any good I have been able to do, I thank God. For any failures, I apologize to all whom I have offended”. He offended the entire Catholic religion and all of its members. Its all lip service. He is only sorry because he got caught.

In the “cardinal sin” cardinal’s statement to the press he said that he was not going to Rome for the conclave because he didn’t want his situation to be a distract the attended purpose of the summit. I believe that he didn’t want to take anymore heat than necessary.

There seems to be a few contradictions in the cardinal’s life. He recently has taken a hardline position against same-sex unions which he called “harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of those involved.” Last year, he lobbied against the Scottish government’s plans to legalize gay marriage. It must be extremely difficult living as lie.

Something that these people preach and profess very adamantly is “self-control and abstinence”. Practice what you preach.

I have nothing against people sexual orientation.  The crime of the perpetrators is that they consciously select the areas where they can be on the prowl and have a buffet at their disposal 24/7. Number 2; don’t stand on a soap box and preach to others to walk the straight and narrow while you are staggering and stumbling off the path on a regal basis.

Is the public supposed to feel sorry for this cardinal? He knew the rules before he said I do.

This black eye is a real whopper.


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