Silvio is knocking on the door again. Are the Italians going to answer?

Huffington Post

Italian Elections: Nation Goes To Polls In Vote Seen As Crucial For Economic Future:

The land of the “Big Boot” is having another election for president and “Slick Silvio” is running for office again.

Italy changes presidents the way some people change their socks.

If Italy gives Silvio Berlusconi another check mark and re-elect him they should have their heads examined. They must be gluttons for punishment.

It really doesn’t matter that the 76 old Italian Stallion is living life large but he should have more consideration for the people that he represents while in office. Talk about a guy with a narcissistic problem. At least he should have the polish to cheat on his wife with someone in the 50’s.







This multi-billionaire is a combination of Al Capone, The God-father, Lucky Luciano, Joe Bananno and Rudolph Valentino all thrown into one pot and stirred up. I don’t want to leave out Joan Rivers.

There can be only a couple of reasons that Silvio wants to be president again; more money, more control, more power and to feed his ego.

Funny as it sound, I have talked to several people that live in Italy that feel, aside from his indiscretions, Berlusconi has done a lot for the Italian people?????

Beauty must be in the eye of the voter!

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1 Response to Silvio is knocking on the door again. Are the Italians going to answer?

  1. andre caticchio says:

    El Stupido!

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