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Jesse Jackson Jr. signs plea deal; wife also faces investigation:

jesseI am wondering  if this deal had some divine intervention? Could be the old man called a higher power to set up the deal of the kid.

I will give the Junior one thing, at least he has admitted he made mistakes and is ready to make amends; just how severe the punishment will be is yet to be determined.

Now there is conversation that his wife may be brought up on charges. As the old say goes “the getaway driver is as guilty as the bank robber”.

Allegations of preschool oral sex shock parents:

This one is very hard for me to believe.

schoolThe claim, filed by attorney Gregory Owen on behalf of one child, alleges 4- and 5-year-olds at the First Lutheran Child Development Center in Carson, California, were performing oral sex on each other at the preschool.

The suit alleges that in addition to acts performed on the 5-year-old plaintiff, other students were removing their clothing and engaging in sexual acts on the playground and during nap time.

At this rate what are these group of kids going to be into when they are in high school?

Are you kidding me? If these allegations are true and that sounds very implausible, where the hell did these young kids learn about oral sex? Some had to teach them.

I guess I can answer my own question in one word; MEDIA.

This is a prime example of how our world is getting  more demented and twisted by the minute.

Sperm smuggling alleged at terror prison:


In Israel, one of the Palestinian prisoners lock up in a Israeli prison for 16 years put a new spin on “carry-out” or “to go orders”.

Palestinian prisoners jailed for terror attacks are not afforded conjugal visits so one enterprising inmate had a guard smuggle out some of his sperm and pass it on to the inmates wife.

With modern technology the sperm was artificially inseminated into the women and she had her husbands child “in absentia”.  Who ever said “if there was a will there is a way” was right on.

Amish leader gets 15 years for beard attacks:

samPersonally I think Sam and his crew  were dealt with too severely. The reason they received such harsh sentences is because what they did was label a hate crime.

This is an unusual case. In most circumstances the Amish community deal with their own problems.

I think overpowering Sam and the crew were too much for the pacifist community to deal with.

The renegade, self-appointed keeper of the keys in that Amish community Sam Mullet was given 15 years in the slams for the cutting of some of his fellow Amish mullets because in his opinion they were not living the Amish lifestyle as he thought they should.  Sam had his own set of rules he lived by.

Samuel Mullet Sr., 67, and 15 followers were found guilty last year in connection with what authorities said were the religiously motivated attacks on several fellow Amish people.

Earlier in the trail, accusations were made of sexual misconduct and the beating of other Amish that Sam felt they needed an attitude adjustment.

In the Amish community Mr. Mullet was the judge, jury and executioner that had his day in court. He fought the law and the law won.

So, how close is that asteroid near Earth …


Hold on to your hats folks; an asteroid that is about half a football field long will pass very close to the earth on February 15.

Us mere earthlings may think that it will be a close call being that the giant rock will get as close as 17,100 miles from the earth but by universal standards is no big issue.

Don’t sat up all night on the 14th worrying; if it does hit where are you going to hide anyway?

A group of esteemed scientists say that there is no worry about 2012 DA14 hitting Mother Earth. I wonder what bunker they will be hiding in on 2-15-13?

Let’s hope 2012 DA14 doesn’t make any last minutes travel plans.

New Grammy s dress code: No breasts:

Out of the clear blue sky it appears that Hollywood has developed a somewhat of conscience  before the Grammy awards are aired. I wonder what precipitated this move? Guilt?  I doubt that but whatever it is I am thrilled to see they are trying to clean up their act a little. It is not what I would consider family viewing.

traWhatever happened to the old cliche that a lady was a lot sexier if they left more to the imagination?

Jo Lo looks absolutely ridiculous in this photo. She should have just done the “Full  Monty”.  She probably paid about $11,000 for that half a dress.

It seems that there has been a lot of criticism about  the attire or lack of with some of these bimbo and wanna bee stars wear. They spend weeks and months trying to out-do the other bimbos in order to boost their popularity.  It seems to be the way La La Land operates.

Unfortunately in this society we live in the more a person vilifies  them-self, the more they screws up and makes a fool out of themselves, the more popular they become.

If the powers to be at the Grammy’s do enforce their ruling they may have a lot of empty seats in the audience. We all know how the celebs roll, the more restrictions that are put on them the more defiant they become.

This move may be a turn-around for decency on the big screen and the tube but I really doubt it.

Obama’s approval rate is slipping:

Did anyone ever hear the cliché “too little too late”.

What good do polls do 4 months after an election? Absolutely nothing at all except demonstrate how ridiculous and a waste of good money the entire election was.

Nothing has changed; as a matter of fact the unemployment rate has risen; the most important item on Obama’s agenda at the time of the election. All lip service.

According to a CNN Poll of Polls, which averages the latest surveys, 49% of Americans say they approve of the job the president’s doing in office, with 44% saying they disapprove of his performance in the White House.


The 49% that approve of Obama’s performance must be the 47% of the people in this country that are on so kind of government assistance and the other 2% are lost sheep wandering in the wilderness.


Dad pays daughter $200 to quit Facebook:

Guess who is running that household when the old man has to pay one of his kids off to quit Facebook.

intThere has to be at least 2000 social Medias on the internet, 2000 x 200; this little girl can make a killing.

As a father, I would be ashamed to admit I had to pay one of my kids off to do the right thing.Modern day society.


American-US Air deal would cut passenger choices:

American and US Air are going to merge creating the biggest airlines in the world.

There is an old saying goes from way back when “they got you by the short hair”.

That is exactly what the American and US airlines deal will bring.

That would mean less competition between airlines and they “new kids” in town can name their own prices, which I am sure will mean less services.

In the last few years the quality of services the airlines have extended to their customers has dropped off dramatically. Way back when flying was an adventure and something people looked forward to, now has turned into a real imposition and chore to put it mildly.

passThere is a rumor going around that in the future there are going to be four different classes of seating choices when flying. Number one will be first class, second choice will be business class,  third will be coach and last but not least, for the people that are really destitute, there will be the wing seating available. A little windy and maybe a rough landing but half the fare as coach.

No more Saturday visits from Bob:

Is that really going to make that big a difference? I don’t think so.

According to the experts, the post office has lost 16 billion, not million but billion dollars in the last year. If they keep on course they will lose another 20 billion in two years.

postThe only resolution the decision makers can come up with in all of the years is to cut out Saturday delivers that will only save the government 2 billion dollars a year. This has been festering for a very long time.  Reducing 2 billion dollars from the bottom line is  “like pissing in the ocean” not even noticeable.
The only real solution to this governmental dilemma is privatizing the mail service. I wouldn’t expect any of the Rhodes scholars in DC to figure that out. Maybe after they come back from one of the 30 breaks they take each year.

As a matter of fact, if the entire government was privatized we would be a lot better off.

Women: Travel safely, but keep traveling:

(CNN) — The world can look like a dangerous, intimidating place. Or it can seem like a mysterious, irresistible adventure. Undoubtedly, it is both.

not enter

CNN must have read my blog about Sarai Sierra the American women that was killed in Turkey.

Cut and dry; “Don’t go where you don’t belong”. Don’t be brave be smart.



Jodi Arias claims she killed her ex-boyfriend in self-defense:

If one would close their eyes when they listen to this pathological liar they might think they are hearing “deja vooing” Casey Anthony all over again.

We all know that there are major problems with the judicial system but if this broad walks it will make the system a bigger sham than it already is.

bullWhere was the much adverstsed the bullshitting contest at the Super Bowl between Casey and Arias? I was really looking forward to it. Maybe when the power went out they had to cut it from the program.




It may have been that the National Anthem took to long. I actually got a ten minute nap while Keys was hitting those high keys.

I am glad she brought Mr. Gillette with her.

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